Soul gardeners

Life is messy and not a 5 point plan! Jesus gave us wonderful metaphors to navigate the mess. We are an African couple committed to the Gardener. Our passion is tilling and working the soil of our lives and gardening with a community. We live in South Africa and we are praying for God's direction in our lives.


Keep me from McDonalds

We are all called to live from our creative center. Connected to the Creator. This world places us unto a conveyer belt of franchise. Everyone looking the same. Clones. I want to break free!! A friend sent me this first picture of life on Mars :)

++ God, help me to live an original life, keep me from becoming a McDonalds’ franchise ++


The story of our lives

We are by default part of a story, a global one at that - everyone is in the cast. Billion characters living their story - together. Each one battling with the nagging question: "What is my role?" Knowing that we're in the cast helps us to orient ourselves into a communal "us" and saves us from the poisonous tendency to live life for ourselves. Over the weekend we discussed our story and in the context of THE STORY. In "The Lord of the Rings" there's a great scene where Sam wonders out loud on Frode and his role in the story - how will they remember me?

We can be sure that God is the Author of the story and we have to keep our tendencies of coveting the role of main actor/actress in check. One of my disciplines for the last few months has been staying in the movie till all the credits finished. It's amazing to look at all the people involved in producing a two hour story - all the "behind the scenes" stuff. Some times this discipline served me pretty well (like at the end of the second Matrix movie when they gave a glimps of the movie to come).

John the Baptist had a good perspective on his role and especially what it's not. The people started a rumor that he might be the Messiah, i love his response:

I’m baptizing you here in the river. The main character in this drama, to whom I’m a mere stagehand, will ignite the kingdom life, a fire, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out. He’s going to clean house—make a clean sweep of your lives. He’ll place everything true in its proper place before God; everything false he’ll put out with the trash to be burned.”

Let's pray John's prayer,

He must become greater I must become less


A prayer, a thief and a screaming male

On Wednesday evenings we pray as a community. Tonight we had a rather interesting prayer experience. Half an hour into our praying and intercession a few of us became aware of a peculiar sound outside the house, the ‘THUD’ ‘THUD’ of a hammer connecting something with force. I ran out with Jacques and saw our car forty meters down the road; three men were ‘working’ it. In other words they were in the process of stealing it. One of them had a computer in his hands, it’s a small electronic device used to deactivate all alarms and immobilizers.

I responded with the only masculine response I could think of … Yell all of hell on them. I let loose and they scattered, like sheep without a shepherd. Two of them immediately jumped into the getaway car and the last man, die hard that he was – still tried to steal our car! After some persisted shouting and the house alarm being activated he jumped into the car.

We were fortunate, that’s what the guy who towed our car told me. Last week a man also yelled at some thieves and he was shot! I guess the best way to handle the situation is to just shut up and let them take your vehicle…

Our vehicle is totally screwed. Literally. They jammed the screwdriver-like device in the picture into our ignition (that was the hammering sound) and ripped out a lot of wiring and broke the car’s door handle.

We thank God that we’re OK and we’re reminded that we can’t put our security in material things…


The new season of Alias started in South Africa tonight. It was a delightful first episode; we just miss our American buddies who watched it with us every week. The American season is almost done and we are only just beginning! Lollie and I also watched Seabiscut today and it was a good movie - never underestimate the underdog!


Added a rss feed to the site.

Driving in the emergency lane

First day back in the routines back home. It’s good being back. I’ve meditated on our driving experience on Friday. The drive back from the Cape Province to Johannesburg took fourteen hours – some beautiful scenery – but still a long ride. Driving in South Africa presents some challenges; one of them is an unspoken rule that goes like this:

If you drive a fast car and don’t have the patience to overtake someone at the proper time, then ride up to the rear of their car and flash your headlights profusely. The aggressive driver expects the person in front of them to drive in the yellow emergency lane – giving them the opportunity to overtake.

A lot of people stormed us in this manner – the courteous ones don’t flash their headlights and signals with their hazards in appreciation. I don’t mind them, the others who just bully their way through the highway – they mind me a lot. Most of all the fact that they don’t say thank you.

Then it dawned on me that I’m the bully on the highway of life. Driving on God’s tail, getting frustrated with His timing and then overtaking. Worst of all I usually don’t say thanks for anything! Jesus drives in the yellow emergency lane.


We had a great vacation

Our vacation was an absolute blast. We rested and had some wonderful bike rides. Our first few days were spent camping and then we stayed in a wonderful condo 100 yards from the ocean. Today was our first gathering at Kleipotgemeente for 2004 and it was a blast to see everyone.

Tonight we will watch Ruturn of the King as a family - I'm really excited.

All the best for the next year everyone! May it be a God-filled one.